Introducing the Gravitas Speaker System

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The Gravitas Speaker System is the only monitor speaker system in the world that hangs completely suspended in air, is fabricated of solid aluminum, and teams with its own unique pair of tuned subwoofers, allowing for the highest of flexibility in room setup. We individually fabricate each set after a review setup in the client’s system and listening location. Color and other accessories are then selected by the client. When complete, we return to the client’s listening room for final delivery and setup.  The Gravitas monitor subwoofer system is an all-in-one product-service.


Monitors are suspended
Fabricated from solid aluminum
Subwoofers are isolated and decoupled from the floor
Passive monitor and active subwoofer configuration
Each set is individually fabricated and assembled
Best craftsmanship and finest materials

Narrow speaker enclosures minimize sound deflection


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